About Harbor Docks Seafood Market

fresh red snapper
Harbor Docks Wholesale Seafood Market has been in operation since 1981. Originally opened to ensure that Harbor Docks Restaurant had access to fresh seafood, the market has grown to play a major role in supplying discerning customers with quality product not just locally, but internationally. Unlike the beef, poultry and pork industries, wild, hook and line caught Gulf of Mexico seafood is not mass produced and it is a complicated and often threatened industry. We cooperate with the numerous agencies that monitor the sustainability of domestic fisheries and comply with all regulations to ensure a healthy product. Harbor Docks Seafood Market is the wholesale seafood market dedicated to supplying quality product for all customers. Fresh, never frozen, in season seafood from the Gulf of Mexico to your table. Contact the experienced crew at our wholesale seafood market today. We have a dedication, along with many local establishments, to the local seafood industry that is unparalleled.

View our video below, brought to you from the owner of the Harbor Docks Seafood Market, to see everything this wholesale seafood market has to offer. “Local Knowledge” is a video series offered to customers as a way to work together in an effort bringing the freshest seafood to customers all around the country.

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